Tehnostone – Natural stone, Plates, Fireplaces, Decorative objects

Founded in 2001, Tehnostone Constanta is a company centered on the processing and trading of natural stone sourced from the quarries of Dobruja. In our manufacturing plant we turn the subterranean treasures of Dobruja in plates for walls and floors, coats for fireplaces and decorative objects for frontages and gardens. Tehnostone Constanta has a production facility in Culmea Nord, Constanta county (ex. Nazarcea) and a showroom in Constanta, Eliberarii 2C.

From the beginning, our main goals were to diversify the types of plates we offer and to obtain high quality products. For that purpose, we carefully choose the best natural stone, we improve it through special methods and then we test its durability in different situations. Following these steps we can provide quality natural stone products.

Choosing Tehnostone Constanta as your partner, you choose style, elegance and durability...undisputable qualities of the natural stone we offer!